One of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed learning styles in today's educational landscape, Dyslexia is no longer something that must be endured! There is finally a true correction available!

Serving the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula in Sunnyvale, California, Learning Mastery Associates provides unique and highly effective learning options for its clients. Learning Mastery Associates has successfully provided almost 800 Davis® Dyslexia Correction Programs since 1999, making us some of the most experienced dyslexia facilitators in the country!


  • It was created by a dyslexic, Ronald D. Davis, a dyslexic who is an artist and engineer. Who better to understand and discover the correction for dyslexia?

  • It allows dyslexics for the first time to understand themselves - why they are special, how their unique gifts are valuable and should be celebrated and enhanced, and how those same gifts can prevent, as well as cause, each of their dyslexic symptoms. Confidence and self-esteem soar from this understanding.

  • It corrects the dyslexia by eliminating its cause. It defines that cause in a way which clearly explains each of the many symptoms of dyslexia. Confusions from inaccurate seeing, listening, balance/movement, time sense, and attention are controlled and eliminated.

  • Its facilitators are highly trained and must be licensed, requiring over 500 hours of training by specialists, in addition to numerous actual case study programs with dyslexics.

  • Clients receive the necessary "tools" for correction during a 30-hour program over five consecutive days, eliminating the once or twice weekly trips over several years that have been required by many other methods. Family members are trained to support the client in the nine months to two years of essential, fun follow-up at home to complete the correction. Facilitators remain available for help and advice.

  • The methods are fun! Rather than repetitive drills on the client's weaknesses, the clients play with their visual and imaginative gifts as they affect the correction themselves.

  • It works! It has a 97% success rate after completing the home follow-up.

Courtesy of Reading Solution of Central Illinois - used with permission.

Learning Mastery Associates prides itself on providing post-program support for at least 3 months after the program.

Meet Ronald D. Davis

See Ron Davis' personal story of growing up with dyslexia, and the discovery that lead to him being able to read a book for the first time in his life:

For more in-depth information, listen to Davis speaking with Talk Radio Personality, Mike Collins of Charlotte Talks (May, 2009).

For articles on the most recent dyslexia and brain research, and research support for Davis Dyslexia Methods visit: Dyslexia Research Information

In 1980, the severly Dyslexic Ronald D. Davis realized that, in contrast to the medical community's thoughts on dyslexia being a brain defect, his own severe Dyslexic symptoms seemed to worsen when he was at his artistic best — using his creative, multi-dimensional thinking style.

How could this be?

He wondered...if his symptoms could worsen, then perhaps they could also get better!  Soon, he discovered that his inability to effectively read was NOT caused by a defect in his brain, eyes, or inner ears. The root cause for his dyslexia was distorted perception of symbols, or as Ron Davis calls it: Disorientation

In many cases, by understanding how disorientation affects an individual while dealing with symbols (letters, words, and numerals), the symptoms common in many learning disabilities can be traced back to disorientation.

The Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program utilizes the client's natural talents and picture-thinking abilities to enable children and adults to recognize and control the mental processes that cause distorted perceptions with letters and words.

Once perception is accurate, the client's literacy confusions (no matter what they are), can be eliminated. By resolving those confusions, the client can begin to focus on LEARNING, rather than struggling!

[Learning Mastery Associates Client]

"I overcame my dyslexia by using my Davis tools and mastering 239 trigger words."

Although most people associate dyslexia with letter reversals and reading difficulties, Dyslexia encompasses a much larger umbrella of learning difficulties, including, but not limited to:

  • Language-Based Learning Disability
  • Reading Disability
  • Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dyscalculia (Math)
  • Dysgraphia (Handwriting)
  • Phonemic Awareness Disability
  • Visual Processing Disorder
  • Auditory Processing Disorder

Facilitated one-to-one in a fun and supportive setting, clients leave with life-changing skills, such as:

  • Focusing techniques
  • Understanding how to resolve confusions with letters, words, and other symbols using their creativity and imagination
  • Reading exercises that eliminate guessing and promote comprehension
  • Improved balance and coordination

... making the Davis Program a highly effective medication-free solution to Dyslexia and related diagnoses like ADD/ADHD.

[Learning Mastery Associates Client]

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Dyslexia Mastery

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One Word at a Time

LEARNING DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT...Learning Mastery Associates can help!

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Learning Mastery Associates
Portola Valley, CA USA
Near San Francisco (Redwood City to Sunnyvale)

(650) 388-6808 ph
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