The Facilitators

Lexie White Strain, Facilitator, Learning Mastery Associates
Lexie White Strain
Learning Mastery Associates Facilitator
Davis® Dyslexia Correction Licensing in 2000

As an adult dyslexic, Lexie was attracted to the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program because it emphasized the gifts rather than the problems of dyslexics. After completing the program herself, she interned as a Symbol Mastery Specialist with the founders of the Reading Research Council/Davis Dyslexia Correction Center, Ronald D. Davis and Dr. Fatima Ali, from 1994-1998. She completed more than 400 hours of training and field work for her Davis® licensing in 2000.

Based on Lexie's educational background, she became the lead facilitator for the Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners (children ages 5 to 7) at the Davis Dyslexia Correction Center in Burlingame, California.

After providing more than 350 programs for children and adults, Lexie maintains a fresh approach and a picture thinkers understanding for adapting each program to the learning needs of each of her clients.

A father's comment about Lexie's program with his 9 year old daughter:

"I believe Lexie's facilitation of the Davis skills were the key to my daughter understanding herself and how to function ... giving her great perspective on things around her, once she was taught how to recognize her disorientations and her differences."

[Dee Weldon White, Facilitator, Learning Mastery Associates]
Dee Weldon White, M.A.
Learning Mastery Associates Facilitator
Davis Dyslexia Correction Licensing in 1999

Dee holds a Masters Degree in Business and a B.A. in Education. She has more than 30 years of experience in education, business and the visual arts. She also brings her personal experience, as the parent of a dyslexic child, of searching for a solution to her daughter's reading comprehension problem, having tried many different programs for more than ten years before finding the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program.

This background gives her a broad perspective for providing consultations with dyslexic adults and children. She is also especially sensitive to the journey of parents struggling to find a positive solution.

Dee is the former Director of the Reading Research Council, Davis Dyslexia Correction Center(2001-2007) in Burlingame, California. After working with more than 400 clients, she is committed to helping clients understand and value their picture thinking style.

A mother's comment about Dee's Screening and Perceptual Ability Consultation for her 8½ year old son:

"During the initial consultation, Dee — with her soft spoken, kind, and gentle demeanor — made my son feel special. He was eager and motivated to start the program to correct his dyslexia."

[Mother and Daughter Team of Learning Mastery Associates]

Pictured above, Learning Mastery Associates' facilitators — mother and daughter team — Dee Weldon White and Lexie White Strain.


Lexie White Strain
Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

Dee Weldon White
Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

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