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Since the late 90's, Dee and Lexie have been providing successful programs to clients of all ages. This is what they have had to say over the years…

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Quotes from Parents and Clients:

"First grade was a nightmare [for our daughter] as every paper came home 100% wrong with a big Correct written across it. During the first three months of school, she had her first temper tantrums. Within 6 weeks of doing the Davis® Program, we began to do home schooling and master the 'trigger words' and she began to return to her 'happy self' and started reading for fun. By 8th grade her composite score on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills was 97. She is now a confident adult that is writing, recording and performing songs. [Lexie] gave her the ability to make her dream come true."

- Update from parent of 8 year old client (1997)

[Learning Mastery Associates Client]

"I remember when I was in the second grade and how I was starting to hate school. I hated school because reading was really hard for me! I remember the words had feet and would walk all over the page, making it impossible for me to see the words to read. It was not fun!! I am so happy that my mom discovered the book, The Gift of Dyslexia, and that we met you. Thank you for giving me the tools and teaching me to use my dial. I use it all the time. Now I am in the fifth grade, and I love school. I get straight A's on my report card and I love to read. I especially like reading about animals and history. My mom and dad say, 'that was the best money we ever spent'."

- Update from 11 year old client (program 2005)

"Our son was pounding his head on the walls when he came home from school out of frustration. After the Davis Program, his reading moved from 1.6 to 4.0 level in less than a year. By the time he was 14, he continued to do well in school and was buying, refinishing and selling antique furniture on the weekends. He had not only improved his academic skills but he had also regained his self-confidence."

- Update from parent of 10 year old client (2000)

"My son was born into a literature-rich family. Unfortunately for him, the gift of reading didn't come easily. After trying multiple reading programs, he was frustrated and reading was still a struggle. Fortunately, with the help of the Learning Mastery team, we were able to help him get control of his disorientation and open the paths to reading.

Prior to doing the program, I had read the Davis books and even worked on some of the concepts independently. But, it wasn't until I observed Dee and Lexie working with him that I really started to understand his disorientation. Their vast experience working with others showed me what I needed to do to help my son. He completed his 219 'trigger words' in 6 months and he is now reading independently and enjoying the warmth and excitement of great stories that he is discovering on his own."

- Update from parent of 8 year old son - Home Schooled (2008)

"He was a fourth grader that was barely reading at second grade level. He had been getting some kind of remediation, therapy or tutoring for years with very little improvement and tremendous frustration — at great expense (over $25K). After completing the [Davis] program, he was reading at grade-level and gained the skills and confidence to succeed in school. I only wish he had gone through it years earlier."

- Quote from parent of 10 year old client (2002)

"It was very difficult to watch my energetic, outgoing eight year old not feel good about himself. He was beginning to hate reading and writing plus he was losing all of his self-confidence. The first days of the program, he began to experience success with learning for the first time. Seeing so much improvement in such a short time was exhilarating for me. We spent years practicing repetitive phonetic programs that were boring, tedious and simply did not work!

He completed the 219 "trigger words" in April, 2006 and by April, 2008 he had received a 4.0 grade average with a picture in the paper as most improved student. Dee would call to share his successes and always had the right words of encouragement."

- Update from parent of 8½ year old client (2005)

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Quotes from Adult Clients:

"I feel empowered and have renewed self-confidence. Thank you for the positive and caring training."

- 54 year old Sales Manager (2006)

"When I started sweeping each word as I saw it, I realized that I had always seen the middle of the word first. Now, I can focus on the words without the letters moving around."

- 47 year old Physician from China (2006) talking about her first experience with Davis® Reading Exercises

"After my second major surgery, I woke-up from the anesthesia without any sense of time. As I often travel for my work, this made my life very complicated. Thank you for helping me recreate my pictures of the sequence of the hours, days and months with clay. "

- 63 year old Psychologist (2004)

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Quotes from Young Adult/Teen Clients:

"Before I went to the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, I thought I had a learning problem and I felt that I was not as smart as everyone else. The program was challenging but eventually school was not so hard when I used the new skills; life became more understandable to me both in and out of school. I am thankful to my mom for taking me to the program because I now understand that I do not have a learning disability, I have a gift."

- 11 year old client (2005) - now 14

"I knew I would have to do my best to understand as my mom had sold her car to bring me to the program. It has taken me some time to develop all my new skills as I have had to master the "trigger words" in both English and Spanish. My teachers can now understand what I write and I no longer have to do my work over and over. "

- 14 year old client from Bogota, Columbia (2003) - Comments from 2004

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Davis® Program Testimonials:

See Davis Program video testimonials on YouTube (external link).

Read this heart-warming article written for parents of dyslexic children: Dyslexia: A Different Perspective by Catherine Churton (external link).

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[Learning Mastery Associates client shows off her Word]

In the process of understanding how words came into existence, their purpose, and how symbols are created, Learning Mastery Associates' clients are invited to use their powerful imaginations to create a word!

They first model the object or concept with clay, then give it a name, spelling and definition. They have created their own word!

This is a fun way to introduce the Davis Symbol Mastery® procedures.

[Learning Mastery Associates client masters the abstract word TOOK]

Next, clients learn how to master abstract words that do not have pictorial meaning. Above, a client masters the word "took" - providing her with a working understanding of the word's meaning.

[Learning Mastery Associates client masters the abstract word NEVER]

Above, a Learning Mastery Associates' client masters the abstract word "never" - an adverb meaning: at no time; not ever.

[Symbol Mastery of the word IN]

Here, the word "in" (meaning: contained by) is completed using the Symbol Mastery process. The peas are in the pod.

[Adult Learning Mastery Associates client masters SOON]

Clients of all ages have found tremendous success with the Davis program!

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